While designing Distributed Systems, we always consider the below approaches according to the business use case.

Consistency — Every read receives the most recent writes or an error irrespective of from which node result is fetched.

[Note:- Let’s not assume “Consistency” of CAP and ACID are the same. ACID Consistency

“Poorly crafted Code frays at the edge much faster than we might expect. “

There is not any specific checklist or harry potter’s stick to write and understand clean code. It’s a paradigm or thought process to design clean or self-explanatory code. But still, I would like to share a…

Chaos Engineering is the discipline of experimenting on a system
in order to build confidence in the system’s capability
to withstand turbulent conditions in production.


With the encouragement of distributed computing or microservice, software systems are changing the game for software engineering. To meet industry need, we are adopting…

Cloud computing is the future. This paradigm offers significant economic benefit to the business entities. Due to this advancement, it has its challenges and threats which can jeopardize the business entity. Cloud computing has become a new battlefield for cyber-crime. To investigate these cases we needed cloud forensics.

Cloud forensics…

Before discussing, multi-threading way of achieving concurrency, let’s understand about the thread:-

· What is the thread?

“Thread is a light-weight process”

As we know the process is heavy-weight because OS has to do a lot of background activities to create a process(i.e. allocation of buffers, maintain metadata(i.e. process_id, environment…

6. Concurrency


Concurrency means simultaneously execution of more than one thread. Some that are transitory and others that last for the entire execution cycle. An application running on multi-core systems allow truly concurrent threads of control, whereas application running on a single core creates an illusion by using time-slicing…

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